NOTE: Project Central is an extranet site for staff, volunteers,  interns and partners designed to manage research, projects and initiatives of Freedom Youth Project Foundation.  Some elements on this page will not display unless you have been provided with viewing or editing rights.   
Help us combat and prevent child sex-trafficking in the U.S.

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Welcome to Project Central 2.0

If you are on this site and reading this it is because you are part of our Community.  Freedom Youth Project is a community based organization that is dedicated to fighting and preventing Human Trafficking of  America's youth primarily though

Public Awareness    •    Prevention    •   Restoration

Freedom Youth Project is made up primarily of volunteers who care about children and join our efforts.    Volunteers play a significant role within Freedom Youth Project. Thanks to generous donations of time, talent and treasure we are able to reach out to continue our mission.   Without the help of volunteers, our mission would not be 
possible. As this issue grows in severity, standing alone is no longer an option. The only way to turn the tide is for those who care about ending Human Trafficking to stand together in great numbers. Change only happens when people come together and take action. We provide volunteers and financial supporters a chance to be a part of that change.

Project Central is where staff, volunteers and interns go to get sourced into projects and tasks being conducted by Freedom Youth Project Foundation.  
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Focus on the Goal, Not the Problem.
Since we formed in 2010, we knew we would "think and act differently" than many of the other agencies dealing with human trafficking.  First, we knew the complexities of trafficking required big-picture thinking and macro strategies. Second, we knew that our work would be more focused on the goal (a slave-free world) than on the problem.  Lastly, human trafficking is filled with many horror filled details of coercion and trauma, yet our aim is not to frighten but rather to empower youth, families and communities. 

"The secret for change is to
focus all your energy,
not on fighting the old,
but on building the new."

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