Content Life Cycle (C/LC)

Freedom Youth Project uses a methodology for Research and Development known as Content Life Cycle tm

Content Life Cycle.pngContent Life Cycle is a collaborative process which includes research analysts, news analysts, authors, graphic designers and training developers to work together effectively. Ultimately it makes it possible for authors to have fingertip access to stats, data, and anecdotal information when creating web pages, articles, leader lead and e-learning training.

It also allows FYP to recruit subject matter experts"SME's" in a variety of core knowledge areas or skill sets and make it possible for them to contribute small units of time helping us to gather data, monitor media coverage of human trafficking, create an image, illustration and media library as well as author and edit content.

Content Life Cycle make it possible forFYP to create and maintain updated:

  • prevention trainings for youth

  • training for parents

  • skills and knowledge training for professionals

  • trainings for industry

  • article topics for our website

Freedom Youth Project has developed a reputation for developing and delivering original training that is based on accurate and up to date information. Key Roles in Content Life Cycle include:

  • Project Manager - coordinates multidisciplinary team working on development of a training, tool or system.
  • Research Analyst - performs research on specific category or subcategory related to trafficking or internal process.
  • News Analyst - analyzes media accounts of human trafficking around the nation to monitor trends and changes.
  • Author - authors articles for website or specific human trafficking information in Content Block Library
  • Editor - reviews and edits and recommends changes and adds educational information to content blocks and articles
  • Graphic Designer - locates images, media clips and creates infographics matching content blocks or articles
  • Training Developer - builds leader lead training, elearning or handouts by assembling content blocks and image library.

Guiding Principles
The green-lighting of an initiative depends on whether the initiative meets the following scope guiding principles.
  1. Initiatives must fall into one or more of 3 categories: Public AwarenessPreventionRestoration
  2. Mitigation strategies must focus on addressing underlying factors and root causes
  3. Initiatives must focus on trafficking in America
  4. Initiatives must focus of trafficking of youth
  5. Initiatives must focus on sex-trafficking
Learn more about how the Foundation Vision and Core Values impact initiatives and projects.  

Core Values

Freedom Youth Project (FYP) shall seek to identify and address the most urgent and critical gaps. 
In the war against trafficking of youth there are several gaps that are either not addressed or poorly addressed which require critical attention.

FYP operates under the the belief "The Big Picture Will Reveal the Details."  
The best way to mitigate huge social issues is by developing a high level understanding of the "big-picture."

FYP will focus on tools and solutions that are macro based.
Local thinking on an issue that is both nationwide as well as global can only provide limited success.  Everything FYP develops can be implemented and utilized anywhere in the US.

FYP will design and build tools, training, systems, processes and methodologies to achieve repeatable results.
Each of these have identified as factors in the lack of services and programs designed for domestic victims of sex-trafficking. 

FYP functions as a catalyst in a new paradigm of heightened knowledge and skills for disciplines serving those abused through human trafficking.
True change is not possible until all disciplines whose clients are impacted by this issue have training and skills needed to combat the crime and serve victims.   Impacted disciplines includes, but is not limited to law enforcement, criminal justice, law, social work, case management and medicine.

FYP will seek out opportunities to provide support to other organizations seeking to serve Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking. 
Our goal is to address the victim shelter crisis by developing a sustainable, duplicatable model for delivering victim services.

FYP seeks to be a facilitator of inter-agency collaboration to address Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking.
Separate energies will be more effective when aggregated and aimed in the same direction. 

Proposed initiatives which do not meet these guiding principles would fall outside of scope for Freedom Youth Project and normally would not be green-lighted.