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Freedom Youth Project Foundation has reached out to thousands of children and teenagers over the past 4 years. 
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The Work We Do Is For Our Children

Here at Freedom Youth Project Foundation, we believe that no child should ever have to suffer. The motivation behind our work is a dedication to protect children from ever having to suffer at the hands of traffickers. We feel that it is up to us a community to join together to help change the world around us.

Experience Change and Personal Growth

The work you do as a volunteer will help you to grow as a person. Your outlook on life will be changed. You will discover your full potential as a volunteer and will learn what it means to serve the community. It truly is an amazing feeling knowing that you are a part of something that helps make the world a better place. 

Make an Impact

As an FYP volunteer, you are doing something great to help better the lives of the children in our communities. Every single bit of work, no matter how big or small, makes a difference. In order to serve our community in the best way possible, we must constantly be aware of developing new stories on human trafficking, we must have well researched trainings, well run websites and we must have committed volunteers who share the same desire that we have to protect our children. The work you do as a volunteer will have a profound impact on the community. Without our back office teams and event teams our operations would not be successful. 

Fun, Friendships, and a Sense of Belonging

As an FYP volunteer, you will be joining a community that wants you to have life-changing experiences. Our events teams and online community of team members allows you to join together with others who share your common cause for wanting to make the world a better place. You will have lots of fun developing your FYP online profile and will get to experience first hand what it's like to be a part of the projects that help the community. 

Build Your Resume and Stand Out From The Crowd

A critical element of developing a good resume is skills and experience. Employers often to look to see what skills and experience you have that will help them as a company. As an FYP volunteer, you will be developing lifelong resume worthy skills that will be an essential asset to your career and educational development. 

Volunteer From Anywhere in the Country

As an FYP volunteer, you can work from anywhere in the country! Freedom Youth project Foundation uses the Gmail systems which allows you to log in from anywhere. All you need is to have access to a computer and internet to begin your work.

You Can Make a Difference!

Project work is a critical element of the work we do. Here at FYP we value hard work, determination, commitment, and a desire to change the world. See what projects are made for you and sign up to become a team member today!

Current Projects 
LnP Book Project
LnP.org Development
OLLU Training for Professionals
2014 Moose Ride 4 Kids

Current Volunteer Roles
Source Library Manager