Together We Can
Make the World
A Better Place.

Freedom Youth Project Foundation (FYP) is focused on building a better community for children to grow up. All children, regardless of socio-economic factors have some risk of being targeted by human trafficking predators.

Freedom Youth Project Foundation was meant to be a community project. We work with universities, schools, and churches to help join together those wishing to participate in community projects. We are actively seeking out volunteers, interns, and students to join us in our mission to help end modern day slavery.

To Protect Youth in America from Trafficking Through Awareness, Prevention and Restoration

We are looking for volunteers and interns who are interested in our community and care about issues related to children, youth, violence, and human rights.

It is not necessary that volunteers and interns already possess subject matter expertise related to human trafficking. Volunteers and interns are provided access to information which will provide this area of knowledge.

We provide a variety of volunteer/intern options in order to meet your needs and schedule. Finding the right fit for you is a key component for a positive experience. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can work together to create a brighter future for our communities.