Vols-Interns Orientation

Volunteer and Intern Orientation

 Our goal is to provide you with a rewarding experience while working with us.  
The work you do may not always be glamorous, but it will be life-changing. 
If you are passionate about creating a slave free-world, then this work is for you. 

Please take a moment to read through and complete the form below. 

Please take a moment to read a short introduction to FYP's Mission and Vision. 

Mission Statement: 
To Protect Youth in America from Human Trafficking Through Public Awareness, Prevention, and Restoration.

Vision: A World Without Slavery
Freedom Youth Project Foundation was founded in 2010 as a human rights organization, dedicated to fighting and preventing human trafficking of youth in America primarily through Public Awareness, Prevention, and Restoration. Everything we do is based on our core belief that growing up should be a wonderful and magical time in life that is filled with learning, exploring and discovering one's gifts in life.

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