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Getting Started

Together We Can
Make Our World
A Better Place.

Whether you are a volunteer or intern, teaming up with FYP gives you the opportunity to apply your skills and expertise to directly impact our community.  On our team, you will explore how to use technology, work with communities, and contribute to prevention efforts. Our staff, team of volunteers, interns, and collaborators are all working towards creating a better future for youth and families. 

Online Volunteers
Build Your Knowledge
Build your knowledge on human trafficking by reviewing a short presentation on human trafficking. If you are not already familiar with how human trafficking affects youth and families, this is a great opportunity to build your knowledge and if you already know, then this is a great review opportunity!

Hands-On Work 
Volunteers and interns have the opportunity to begin their work in our Trafficking Media Database. Our Trafficking Media Database provides individuals with insight into the world of human trafficking and will give you a better understanding of why public awareness and prevention is so critical to the work that we do. 

Project Work
Now that you have been able to build your knowledge and get some hands-on work experience, it's time to engage in project work! Project work is a great way to build your professional resume and contribute to making our community a better place. 

Event Volunteers 
Event Work
If you prefer to be out on the front lines talking to people, we have opportunities for you to get hands-on work by volunteering at our community events. Get the chance to speak with a variety of community members by working our information booth and/or help us be part of the setup/tear down committee and contribute to helping make sure our events run smoothly!

*Background Checks
All volunteers/interns who will be participating in Freedom Youth Project Foundation events are required to complete a background check. The cost of the background check is $15. If you will NOT be volunteering at events, a background check is not required.