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How We Do Things at FYP

The Kind of Work We Do

Human Trafficking requires a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary response.  This includes agencies from law enforcement, to everyone involved in the criminal justice system, plus medical providers, shelters, food banks, and many more.     This requires new paradigms for so many disciplines to become knowledgeable, trained and skilled for the different kinds of challenges that trafficking presents.    Freedom Youth Project Foundation responds to the need for information, training for social workers, licensed professional counselors, law enforcement, medical professionals and more.

Freedom Youth Project (FYP) was organized to be able to work with remote staff and volunteers.    FYP is very aggressively involved in research and development of presentations for Public Awareness,  Prevention as well as  training, tools and processes for agencies that work with at-risk communities and victims of human trafficking.  This requires bringing people together with a variety of skills and specialized knowledge.  

We also are heavily engaged in connecting the community and agencies for delivering presentations, trainings speaking at conferences, and conducting events.  

How We Manage the Work

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FYP uses a project management / intranet website to coordinate activities of the board, employees, interns and volunteers.   This site is called Everything we do involves planning, management and coordination of all 

      • Research activity
      • Training Development 
      • Web development
      • Projects
      • Events
      • Grants and fundraising
      • Business-as-usual activities
      • Administration management
      • Board Activities
      • Volunteer activities

Our Web Based Virtual Office

Project Central is very simple and doesn't require you to have any other technology skills other than being able to read  or send an email, type in a document, create a power-point or add text to a spreadsheet.  Project Central is our project management / intranet site that allows people find the information they need to work on a project team.  Every project has its's very own page, which includes all the information and documents they will need while  working a project.  The only page(s) you will need are the pages relevant to any project(s) which you are included. 

Because we have thousands of documents and pages on our websites,  Project Central makes it easy to have access to anything you will need while working on any project.


All of our documents are on the web, making it much easier to share and collaborate with people at multiple locations.  It als0 facilitates the fact the many of  our volunteers work at different hours of the day.    FYP has a 500 Users License of Google Apps for Education provided to us via Google.   Dont be intimidated if you have never heard of Google Apps.  It is basically like a web based MS-Office.  It has a word processor, a spreadsheet,  powerpoint like presentations app, an app for chatting, and uses Gmail for email.    To be able to interface with us and have easy access to our system you will need a gmail mail account. 

What Kinds of Work Do Volunteers Do?