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Armenian Delegation

Event Name
  Armenian Delegation
Event Manager
Jennifer Wilkes

AACAT Overview

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Photos from Previous Event with Latin American Delegation

Event date                                                                                       
 Wednesday/ February 10
 Event time                                                                                       
 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Arrival time                                                                                      
 Setup Team 
Organization hosting event                                                        
Freedom Youth Project Foundation
Contact person for event (name, phone, email)                    
 Jennifer Wilkes/
Type of event (meeting, festival, retreat, etc)                         
 Discussion Forum
Type of presentation (training, awareness, etc)                    
 No presentation
Event presentation time                                                               
Length of presentation                                                                
Event address                                                                                
St Pius X
3303 Urban Crest Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Intersection of Harry Wurzbach and Urban Crest Drive

Event building/room number                                                      
 Family Center
See map of campus: CLICK HERE
Map Link                                                                                           

Equipment that will be provided                              
 Tables/ Cloths/ chairs 
Number of attendees                                                
Type of Audience                                                      
Number of volunteers needed                                 
 setup/ event 
Volunteer Names                                                       

Name(s) of handouts needed                                   
Number of handouts needed                                    
Additional Materials Needed                                     

Mary Lerma,
Jan 26, 2016, 4:19 PM