Getting Started

 If you are part of Freedom-U, you may have already performed the steps on this page.

I'm New Here.  How do I get started?

First Step- to work with our web-based back office you should have a google account.    If you have a gmail email address then you already have a google account.  That  is the simplest way to get a google account.   Today, google has a single account, which gives you access to all their services such as gmail, youtube, google+, blogger and more.

Get your Google Account Here

this account give you access to :








Why Do You Need a Google Account?
Freedom Youth Project Foundation uses Google Drive for all documents, spreadsheets and presentations.   When you have a google account, it allows us to share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with you.  Giving you access to documents makes it possible for you collaborate online-in realtime with other users on the development of documents, trainings, graphic images, web pages and more.  

Second Step - Fill out the skills questionnaire, to help us match you with micro-project work.  CLICK HERE

Third Step - fill out the volunteer agreement.  CLICK HERE

Fourth Step - begin training (stay tuned for details)

Fifth Step - After you have done 3 short trainings, you will recieve an email with an invite to join WeDoist.

You will  need an account with WeDoist to be able to see your project task assignments.  Wedoist is a simple online project and task management tool which allows you to view tasks assigned to you and others on the same project.  It also allows you to see updates from others on the team, chat with team members and get any news about your project.  You will see your Wedoist tasks from this site, when you are viewing a Project Page which you have tasks assigned to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  when you get your wedoist account, please have already established your google account and be logged into your gmail account.  This allows you to create a Wedoist account with your gmail account login and password.