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Help Us Defend Childhood.

Note: this page sent to you by private invitation only. It contains information not meant for public consumption.  Please do not share this link.

Human Trafficking is an extremely complex issue. It is deeply enmeshed with so many other social ills and criminal activities which we as a world of nations are failing to address successfully.  These include things like gangs, drugs, poverty, homelessness, and mental illness.  The state department figures indicate that on average there are 275 new victims every day in the U.S. which totals to over 8000 victims per month.  Sadly, the rescue rate is less than 1%, and the life span of victims is usually less than 10 years.  Despite the fact that human trafficking has become part of a 24/7 news cycle, most parents today have still no idea that the victims in the U.S. are our children and grandchildren, our nieces (and nephews) and our younger siblings.  In the U.S., American victims outnumber international victims by a factor of 10-to-1.  

Since 2010 when Freedom Youth Project Foundation was established have been studying the issue at great length to understand  how it happens, who it happens to, and why it happens.  We have taken a close look at who are the traffickers, how do they select, connect and deceive targets, and who are the primary targets. 

Since the very beginning, we have following a plan and refining our mission.  First and foremost we recognized the need to develop an accurate big-picture understanding of this issue.   We recognized that a huge and complex issue like human trafficking, that the big picture macro perspective will reveal the details.

We have been busy researching and developing additional training  to teach staff at agencies working with at-risk communities and often unknowingly have victims in their hands.  Because so many professionals lack training the rescue rate is less than 1% and we are making it our mission to change this.  The state department has stated that nearly 1/4 of all trafficking happens in Texas.   This calendar year we are scheduled to be in front of agencies in over 70 locations around Texas to teach their staff how to understand trafficking, recognize victims and how to intervene.  This campaign around Texas will have considerable cost and we greatly appreciate those like you who recognize our work and step up to help us raise much-needed funds.

  • In order to serve, we need people who are committed to a cause bigger than themselves - Is this you?
  • We need our volunteers to understand that every single day children are being deceived and coerced into the world of human trafficking and this is why the work we do is so important. 
  • We need people who have a strong desire to make the world a better place for children
  • We need people who are willing to work behind the scenes doing work that may not be glamorous, but is extremely important 
  • FYP strives to have a trusted reputation for accuracy and up-to-date information for those to need information about understanding human trafficking-you will have the opportunity to help contribute to the building of this information
  • We are looking for a dedicated team - We kindly ask for a year of commitment that is flexible to your schedule
  • Include Volunteer Testimonies on why volunteering with FYP is important, beneficial, and helpful to the community and your career 

Pick a time that works for you.  

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