NOTE: Project Central is an extranet site for staff, volunteers,  interns and partners designed to manage research, projects and initiatives of Freedom Youth Project Foundation.  Some elements on this page will not display unless you have been provided with viewing or editing rights. 

BAU stands for "business-as-usual" operations.  These are not projects per se', but are things that need to be done on a routine, repetitive, as-needed or maintenance schedule.   There are many tasks which fall into this category and can easily be done with a short time commitment.  BAU Operation items are more like one-person tasks, others are like mini-projects which involve collaborating with others.  Some are like mini projects which span over a longer period 30 to 90 days.


          • Authoring, editing articles for our websites.
          • Manage "Contact-Us", "Volunteer" submissions from site visitors 
          • Authoring , illustrating help files
          • Updating News & Happenings 
          • Updating Social Media- Twitter, Facebook
          • Working on grants
          • Developing fund-raising activities