Freedom Youth Project  (FYP) has been working to establish a  portfolio of intellectual properties which provide outputs/ outcomes related to our missions of Public Awareness, Prevention and Restoration.   FYP will design and build tools, training, systems, processes and methodologies  which provide value to other organizations and professionals who serve victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and at-risk populations.  These organizations working on the ground across the U.S. are faced with dealing with limited resources to develop the tools and systems they need to be effective agents of change.

This strategy will provide Freedom Youth Project with a  more sustainable revenue model than one derived exclusively from grant-based funding.  

LnP Program Marketing Plan

Campaigns are designed to promote Freedom Youth Project (FYP) Foundation Programs.  FYP has programs which fall into all our 3 mission categories.  Different programs target different stakeholders in the community.     Campaigns are designed to identify agencies, organizations or companies and build databases to gather pertinent information to better identify key contact,  develop ongoing communication,build relationships and track individual results per agency.

 PROGRAMSPublic Awareness MIssion  Prevention Mission Restoration Mission CLIENTS
 New Think freedom Campaign Logo with Tagline.png X   Community Organizations,  Fraternal Orgs, Churches, School districts, Clubs,  Women's Groups

 LNP Program Logo.jpg
   X  DELIVERY CLIENTS: (San Antonio Area)Youth Organizations, Faith based Youth Groups,  Schools

LICENSING CLIENTS:  (SA & Surrounding Counties)  Agencies working w/ at-risk youth, school districts,  Residential Treatment Agencies, Child Protective Agencies
 CEU Program Logo.jpg  X   X Social Service Agencies, County, State and Federal agencies, Child Protective Agencies, Shelters, treatment facilities
 FrU Program Logo.jpg  X  X  X Students and Faculty and local area universities and colleges.
 Training on Demand Program Logo.jpg  X  X  X Starting with local and surrounding counties, and begin outward expansion.
 Think Freedom Business Partners (insert logo)      X   Start with local small to medium size businesses to get this program established.  Then begin tartgeting larger businesses and then regional and larger business partners. (PROGRAM STILL in DEVELOPMENT)  Target industry groups.

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Saul Castellanos,
Oct 3, 2014, 2:25 PM
Saul Castellanos,
Oct 3, 2014, 2:25 PM