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Frequently Asked Questions

What is I Am The Change (IATC)?

IATC is an event for the whole family. It is an initiative focused on empowering those within the faith community. The purpose is to provide the faith community with tools to defend against human trafficking, prevent youth from being victimized by traffickers, and give them the childhood that they deserve - a childhood that is free from the chains of human trafficking.

What are the costs involved?

  • For each event, we kindly ask for a love offering. There are no extra costs involved.
How can I schedule an event?
  • To schedule an event please fill out the event request form. Click here to schedule an event today.
When does the event take place?
  • I Am The Change is available all year round. You can request an event at any time during the year by filling out the event request form.
Where does the event take place?
  • The event can take place at your church or the location of your choosing. 

Event Agenda

Liars and Posers Human Trafficking Prevention for Youth
  • Prevention Seminar for Youth Age 10  & up

  • Learn How Traffickers Select & Approach,

  • Learn What Traffickers Look for

  • Learn How To Outsmart their Deception

  • Learn What Things Make a Child Vulnerable

  • Learn the 2 Ways They Approach

  • Learn the 3 Kinds of Lies

  • Learn the 4 Worst Choices

  • 15-minute break

What Parents Need to Know

  • Separate the Myths from the Facts about Human Trafficking in the U.S.

  • Learn How it Happens, Who it Happens to, and Who are the Victims

  • Learn How Traffickers Target Youth at School and Any Home

  • Find Out What You can do to Keep Your Family Safe.

  • Learn Why Stranger Danger is No Longer Effective