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        About Staff Development Training

        The Life Cycle™ of Human Trafficking Training is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of anti-trafficking efforts and is aligned with best practice models following the model of Public Awareness, Prevention, and Restoration. Taught by experts in the subject matter, training provides professionals with the knowledge base to identify roles, best practices, and strengthen community efforts to combat human trafficking and exploitation.

        Completion of training will build a foundation for professionals and the certificate will establish a baseline of expected knowledge among professionals.

        Professionals are obligated to understand the Life Cycle™ of Human Trafficking, as well as victimization, in order to identify potential victims and identify their potential risks and protective factors.

        Professionals working extensively with sex trafficking survivors hold legal and ethical responsibilities to provide appropriate services and identify strategies to overcome barriers to their treatment, including specialized and intensive training, such as trauma informed care.

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        Professional Ethical Obligations Concerning Social Justice Issues Including Human Trafficking:

        • Expand choices and opportunities to our students and families conducive to prevention and awareness of social justice issues, including human trafficking.

        • Promote institutional values within our school district compatible with ending oppression and injustice.

        • Understand the key vulnerabilities which allow you to identify students who can be targeted by predators who exploit or oppress in order to better serve and promote social change on their behalf.  

                                                            -NASW Code of Ethics - Ethical Standards and Ethical Principles

        Knowledge and Skills

        Objective 1 – Participants will gain knowledge in the area of Human Trafficking, by looking at it from a Macro level and from a Micro level, as it relates to our communities and homes.

        Objective 2 – Participants will gain knowledge on the Life Cycle™ of Human Trafficking
        and review Professional Ethical Obligations.

        Objective 3 - Participants will gain knowledge to empower youth against human trafficking and how to build awareness with parents and families.

        All Trafficking Begins With Deception
        The deception and manipulation skills traffickers often employ would make you think they have had advanced psychological training. 
        They are so good at it, abduction into "the life" of being trafficked is passive. Victims almost always go willingly from a safe location to somewhere else, where they are trapped.

        Freedom Youth Project Foundation is dedicated to bringing clarity to an issue that is characterized by myth and misconception.  Through our public awareness/ education initiative known as Think Freedom Campaign, we empower youth, parents, and communities through education, training, tools and other content.

        What Attendees Are Saying:

        “This information needs to be available...” 

        “I learned the complexities of a survivor accessing help” 

        “I understand the after-care improvements needed for victims” 
        -Soc. Work Supervisor 

        “I now know what to look for in potential victims. Great Speaker...” 
        -RN, Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner

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