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      Who We Are: Freedom Youth Project Foundation

      "Freedom Youth Project Foundation was founded in 2010 as a human rights organization dedicated to fighting and preventing human trafficking of youth in America primarily through Public Awareness, Prevention and Restoration.

      Human Traffickers Take Recruiting to Schools
      Human Trafficking is an issue which districts and schools must confront directly.   Over the years,  we have seen many changes in how youth are exploited by traffickers.  There have been significant changes in the ways traffickers operate and in how they connect with potential victims. All of these changes have directly, or indirectly, impacted youth while on school campuses.   In the last few years, there has been a steady rise of active investigations on school campuses by local and federal agencies, resulting in startling changes in who is being arrested for human trafficking. 

      Human trafficking is an issue that has become part of the 24/7 news cycle, which includes numerous stories about recruitment in schools, with some implicating school and district staff. It makes sense for districts and schools to get training for administrators, school social workers, counselors, nurses and educators. It is also imperative that schools, who already have a mandate to provide education on cybersafety, include trafficking prevention.   Districts should have policies and procedures in place to identify likely victims, and have relationships with other agencies for scenarios which require a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary response.

      Comments from previous attendees

      “This information needs to be available...” 

      “I learned the complexities of a survivor accessing help” 

      “I understand the after-care improvements needed for victims” 
      -Soc. Work Supervisor 

      “I now know what to look for in potential victims. Great Speaker...” 
      -RN, Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner