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            Truth About Trafficking™  1.25 Hrs.  $175  Onsite + mileage, (webinar rate $125)

            This public awareness presentation is designed to provide clarity on human trafficking in the U.S.  Despite the fact that human trafficking has developed into part of the 24/7 news-cycle, there are still a lot of public misconceptions about what human trafficking is all about.  It is unfortunate that the media narrative on human trafficking causes many to believe that human trafficking is a story of things happening far away from the U.S. In fact, the statistics regarding trafficking in the U.S. are staggering.  This training is valuable for school personnel, because traffickers use deception to lure victims, and they rely exclusively on having access to a large pool of uninformed and unsuspecting targets.

            Many myths still linger with respect to who the traffickers are and who the victims are in the U.S.  Many still think the primary victim in the U.S. is a foreign national, when actually American victims outnumber foreign nationals by a factor of 10-to-1.  At the same time, many think that all traffickers are what one might think of as a stereotypical “pimp.” There is a growing list of people from “positions of authority” and “positions of trust” who have been arrested for trafficking American youth in the U.S.  The stranger-danger message has been proven to be irrelevant with respect to keeping children safe from today’s predator engaged in human trafficking. Lastly, and most importantly, previous notions of risk being limited to youth who fall into high-probability categories have changed with the emergence of gang participation in human trafficking.   While this presentation provides hard truths, it is specifically designed to create empowerment rather than fear.

            The Life Cycle of Human Trafficking™  2.5 Hrs. $249.00 Onsite + mileage, (webinar rate $200)

            This Leader led training is thoughtfully organized to illustrate “The stages of victimization by human Traffickers.”   This presentation covers how traffickers skillfully use deception and manipulation to get victims to, almost always, go willingly into this life.  Information presented details the levels of trauma and abuse experienced by victims as well as the challenges present during recovery. Participants develop a high level of understanding by building on a “big picture” macro perspective.  This includes learning how trafficking has complex relationships to many other criminal activities and society’s social ills. As the training takes participants through a timeline of victimization stages, a much clearer picture of traffickers and victims is gained.  Learn what factors put the path of a trafficker and victim on a collision course. Learn how traffickers select, approach, deceive and connect with targeted victims. Participants learn how traffickers manipulate, control and traumatize victims.

            The presentation incorporates images, animation and media to relate information in a truly engaging approach.  Video clips present actual survivors describing parts of their stories, which validates information provided in the training.  The Life Cycle of Human Trafficking ™ provides the fundamental understanding needed to better service populations who are at risk of being targeted or trafficked.  Understanding the Life Cycle of Human Trafficking provides professionals in the field with the ability to assess when a situation requires awareness, prevention, intervention or restoration.

            Empowering At-Risk Youth From Trafficking™  3.5 Hrs.$349.00 Onsite + mileage, (webinar rate $300)

            This leader led training provides a brief overview of the Life Cycle (of Human Trafficking ™),  but rather than focusing on an understanding of the issue, this training is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge needed to better serve populations which include at-risk individuals.  Attendees learn how the risk of being trafficked is an aggregate of risk factors like situations, choices and key vulnerabilities. Attendees learn how to select individuals, for prevention and intervention, using the same criteria traffickers use to select victims.  Empowerment is presented as a strategy of addressing situations, behaviors, and vulnerabilities in conjunction with mentorship, life skills, and specific knowledge. Participants gain insight into how deception and manipulation really works. Learn the 2 ways traffickers approach, the 3 types of lies, the four worst choices youth can make, and the five deal killers of friendship and love.

            Self-Paced eLearning Library™ 15 Minute Lessons , A buck a lesson (per person), sold in blocks of 20.

            eLearning Library is designed for self-paced study.  Lessons designed to build both knowledge and skills necessary to understand the issue and provide insight to those who work with at-risk communities most susceptible to human traffickers.