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Staff Development FAQ


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        What is the cost for training?

        Please refer to our Pricing/Training page for more information on costs and training options. 

        How do I schedule a training?

        You can schedule a training by clicking on the link in the left hand menu called "Schedule a Training." 

        Is a deposit for training required?

        Yes, a deposit of _____ is required to reserve a training spot.

        How and when will professionals receive CEU certificates? 

        When we train professionals where CEU's are provided, we do the following to maintain compliance:

        a)  We hand out an evaluation form to each participant.

        b)  We collect filled evaluations and trade each for a CEU certificate.

        c)  Certificates will only be distributed to attendees  who stay for the entire training.

        d)   We currently provide CEUs for social workers and licensed professional counselors.

        e)  There is a sign-in sheet which proves attendance for all who receive CEU certificates.

        Can notes be taken during training?

        Yes, individuals can take notes during training. Attendees who complete the entire training will also have access to an online link which will allow them to download notes from the training session.