R & D

Research and Development Cycle 

Freedom Youth Project Foundation (FYP) has developed a reputation for developing and delivering content, training and tools for consumption by diverse audiences.  We develop unique content that is based on information derived from relationships with law enforcement, criminal justice, social service agencies and published research.

At FYP, the word "research" typically refers to reviewing existing research which is within our scope for the purpose of harvesting relevant information or data and collected in a knowledge base.   These records in the knowledge base would be analyzed to determine where and how the information should be purposed, which web pages, trainings, handouts, etc.   Raw content (content not yet used in trainings or web pages) is authored and cited in the form of small content block.  A content block is a small block of content that does not stand on its own, but would be combined with other content blocks to create web pages, trainings or other documents.